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360º underwater videos

Using 360 videos recorded underwater and virtual reality goggles, we share the sea with students. This innovative way of teaching marine life is very immersive and is an excellent combination of technology for educational purpose.

DISCovering our Seas

Through this project, school children and the general public will have the opportunity to explore the seafloor and to learn about the organisms that live there using a remote operation vehicle (ROV). 

Exploring the intertidal zone

This intertidal exploration activity includes a field trip to the coast. Guided by a scientist, participants will learn about the organisms that live on rocky shores and their adaptations. This hike is suitable for any type of group, and it encourages visitors to get to know the living things that can be found on the rocky shores of Puerto Madryn.

Coastal microplastics in argentina

Through this project, you can help us collect data to better understand the problem of microplastics in Argentina. Our goal is to collaborate with citizen scientists across the country to study the presence, abundance and composition of microplastics along coastlines, riverbanks and lake beds.


Divers, you can help us to record the presence of species in the rocky reefs of Argentina. Using the iNaturalist app, you can add observations and upload photos of species in the places where they were found. Using your observations, we will be able to better understand these under-studied environments. 


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