Project BASELINE: Puerto Madryn Argentina  

If you are a diver, your are interested on marine protection and you want to take parto of a global citizen science project, you can join the Project Baseline team in Puerto Madryn. The goal of Project Baseline is to shine a light on what is happening below the surface using images and data collected by the people most connected to those environments. Together, our people and our images and data will help effect the changes needed to Restore & Protect the type of world we all want to live in. 

How can I participate?

If you go diving to Folias shipwreack in Puerto Madryn you will find three stations that are marked with a sing that haves a Secchi-Disk on it. Take pictures at 2 m from the station using the line as reference (a mark with an F will indicate 2 m). Then, you can record horizontal visibility using the rope and counting how many marks of 1 m until the Secchi-Disk disappear. See the video for an example.

You can help with the maintenance of the stations, cleaning the signs. If you see something that’s broke please let us know. 

Why Project Baseline?

Sending data of the places you explore will help to understand changes that may be occurring due to environmental or anthropogenic processes. This programs are important because they show whats happeing underwater to people that don’t dive. 

Name of the project: Puerto Madryn, Patagonia Argentina



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