Discover and record the biodiversity of the sea floor. If you are a diver you can joint inaturalist and share your underwater observations. The iNaturalist platform is both a website and an app that’s designed for people to take photos of organisms they find in nature, to share their observations with others, to get help with identifications, and to explore what other people are seeing anywhere in the world.

From ProyectoSub we promote the use of inaturalist among divers and we are working on projects inside the platform where we collect observations of marine invertebrates, fish and algae from different parts of the coast .  This information is useful for our studies since we can explore the actual distribution of species using the help of divers along the Argentinian coast. Check on our projects and take a look to the data we collected. 

We created a guide for marine species identification of Nuevo Gulf in Patagonia Argentina. Here you will find information (only in Spanish) and photos of the most common species. This guide can be dowloaded to the cel phone a be used without conetion.


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