Rocky reef Biodiversity 

The objective of this project is to study the benthic biodiversity (richness and abundance of species) of rocky reefs at the local scale (Nuevo Gulf) and at the biogeographic scale (Patagonian coast). This investigation is carried out through diving expeditions, during which marine invertebrate and algal biodiversity information is collected by non-extractive sampling protocols, using photography.

Intertidal Biodiversity 

Monitoring the biodiversity of rocky shores in Argentina. This project is part of the MBON Pole to Pole initiative, which seeks to facilitate the integration of biological and environmental data for countries along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the Americas. 

BASELINE Project   

The goal of Project Baseline is to shine a light on what is happening below the surface using images and data collected by divers. Coordinate together with the Programa de Arqueología Subacuática (PROAS).

S.E.E initiative

The Science Exploration Education Initiative is a pioneering effort to explore the ocean. We were selected for a grant-funded Sofar Trident ROV that is used our sea explorations and educational programs. 


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